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A note from the Author…

After years of experience teaching Geometry, I came to the realization that finding good quality problems for students to practice in sufficient quantity was extremely difficult.

Most traditional textbooks contain good problems but only a couple in each chapter that are particularly important. Students can’t master the complex abstract concepts in the Geometry curriculum and standards after doing only 2 or 3 problems. That leaves one searching for supplemental resources, most of which are written for 7th grade and below, or are not very student friendly. The third option is to write your own problems by hand which is very time consuming, and tedious.

I wrote Let’s Practice Geometry to fill this need so Geometry Teachers, Tutors and Parents can have high quality, well written Geometry problems in sufficient quantity to build skill with the fundamental concepts in geometry. Complete with “kid-friendly” explanations and solutions to every step I inteded these worksheets to be used for a variety of possible applications, and to maximize the learning of anyone who uses them.

Since then, I have seen the success of the worksheets and how easiy students can learn and improve their skill using them. So much so that it even supprised me! At Let’s Practice Geometry we are fully dedicated to providing teachers, parents, and students with products and information to help them improve and grow

-Brent Tuller
Math Teacher, Author

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