Student Jobs

Student Jobs

A great way to get you students engaged in your classroom is to have student jobs. They also take the pressure off of you And free you up to spend more time working with students.

Setting it up

First think of a list of repetitive tasks that happen daily in your classroom such as taking roll, stamping planners, writing the date on the board, collecting papers, passing out papers, passing back graded papers, etc. I have my list for you to download here

Assigning Jobs

This is pretty easy take a day when you have a short assignment or a quiz or something and present the student jobs to students. Tell them it is to help you do routine things with the students so you can spend more time helping them with actual school work. Next explain all the jobs to the students finally pass out the job applications and have students fill them out in class then collect them. After this review each application and assign jobs to the applicants. It is a good idea to give responsibility driven jobs, like roll taker, to more responsponsible quiet students, and more physical jobs, like paper collector, to more active and outspoken students. But do what you think will work best.

Train your new “employees”

this is the hardest part tell the students what jobs they have register and spend sole time training each of them until they are doing their job automatically periodically monitor them and let them know if they aren’t doing something correctly and even more importantly praise them for q job well done I like to assign new jobs every semester to keep students interested and to allow enough time forthem to enjoy their job

Happy teaching!

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