Test Anxiety Cure

Test Anxiety Cure

It’s when, despite the best efforts of a student, they don’t perform well on tests. If the student generally performs well in class, seems to understand the material, does well on assignments, and studies for exams and quizzes, one would expect that they would also perform similarly on test day. However, a student with test anxiety will consistently perform well below what you would expect either barely passing tests or failing outright. It is because that student has a negative association with tests for some reason and thus temporarily “forgets” what they learned during the test, or over thinks their answers making silly mistakes.

On to the Cure…

Step one: Identify a student with test anxiety and make sure they actually have it. If a student performs as described above, or comes to you and flat out tells you they have test anxiety or says something like “i can’t remember what i studied when i take tests” or “i feel nervous when i take tests.” they likely have test anxiety.

Step two: sit down with the student one on one and teach them to do this simple thing. Insult the test. Yeah, you read that right insult it! The more silly, nonsensical and hurtful the insults the insults the better. just let them fly! Tell your student to say things like stupid test, your stupid, Your dumb, your ugly, you have no friends and no one likes you, i can’t believe i have to waste my time taking you, this is such a waste of time and energy, your mother was a discarded hamburger wrapper and your father was a used piece of toilet paper, You’re probably still a fan of the Back Street Boys, I think you get the point. have your student say all the things you don’t want them to say to other students to the test. That’s it. well okay i would also encourage the student to do this silently in their mind if they are around others because they would probably be ridiculed them self. Tell the student to do this every time they think about the test, before the test, and during the test especially if they start to feel the nervousness or forget something they know they studied.

Step three: sit back and watch their test anxiety disappear.


If it doesn’t work the first time there are four possible reasons. #1. The student didn’t insult the test properly or enough. Sometimes students will say things like “the test is easy,” “I’m gong to do well,” or “your not hard” etc. These are not really insults and they don’t work (I’ll explain why in a bit) #2 The student’s test anxiety is severe and the student needs to practice this method for a few tests to see improvement. #3. the student isn’t really studying as well as they say or they are not studying. No amount of insulting, although fun, can make up for a lack of preparation. this technique only works if the student is also prepared. #4 the student has some other emotion based issue that seems like test anxiety. This is very rare but possible. As i am not a psychologist i will not make conjectures as to what these things may be.

Why it Works…

It works for the same reasons students insult each other, or humans in general insult each other. Empowerment. The only real reason one person may insult another is to make themselves feel better. If you insult someone that threatens you or that is different from you it makes you feel more secure in who you are because it makes you feel like that person is not valid. obviously if you look at this situation objectively it is sorta sick, everyone is valid and in some why has something special to offer that others do not. However it does make you feel better. This should never be done to another person it is hurtful and causes all kinds of problems. If you apply this to the test no one gets hurt because you can’t hurt the tests feelings because it doesn’t have any feelings anyway and is super useful for curing test anxiety. as i mentioned earlier the insults must be silly and personify the test because if not your brain automatically interprets things like “I’m going to do well” as a lie. This is because the student already believes they won’t do well. That’s part of the problem to begin with, and the test anxiety will go uncured.

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