I have to give credit to estimation180 for this one. If you haven’t been to this fabulous website you have to go there immediately! I was totally surprised at how my students figured this one out. It amazed me how close some of them came to the real answer with some very simple methods. Also there were some extremely complex methods, I wish i had taken a picture of one of them a student did on the white board. It was awesome! (read more…)

Trash (volume)
Here is one I’m gonna try in the next week or so. I would love to fill the little can with paper and see how many fit for real. That’s a lot of recycling. If anyone has a huge pile of recycling they want to do a video on let me know. :-)

Okay, so this is one that has been bugging me. As the Common Core starts to get underway, I have seen a lot of activities (mostly at the grade school level but some High School as Well) that claim to be addressing the Mathematical Practice of Mathematical Modeling.

Most of these look something like folding some paper, playing with m&m’s, or some other food based manipulative and/or drawing pictures so students can see the math. These activities are great for students to be able to see and feel the math they are working with. However, this is not addressing the Mathematical Modeling standard of the Mathematical Practices. (read more…)

One thing that separates a great student from an average student, that separates a student from a teacher, is persistence.

What do I mean by persistence? Well… what i mean is the ability and the desire to stay with a math problem until a correct solution is reached. I think that every student can learn how to do math, how to do algorithms and formulas, how to solve for x. However what makes a student truly proficient is not the ability to do these things but the ability to solve more complex problems. The real secret is to teach your students persistence. (read more…)

I just found this incredible video. I was searching through my Netflix account and there it was… The Story of 1. It is a ninety minute video that takes the viewer through the history of math in an extremely fun and engaging way. (read more…)