New!!! Free Common Core Geometry Worksheets for High School Are Here!

Ooo! Ooo! I want to see the new worksheets now!

So, unless you have been living in a hole or were kidnapped by angry robots and had your consciousness transferred to a hard drive not connected to the internet, you have probably heard of the new Common Core Standards. You have probably also heard some well meaning administrator, politician or other mucky-muck say that the Content Standards are basically the same as they were. Well if you have even partially read the Content Standards for Geometry you will be able to attest that they are TOTALLY DIFFERENT!

Also, the new assessments are coming out all too soon, and we are all expected to start teaching the common core. Only one problem… No one really seems to know what the that even means, especially the textbook companies. I have no issue with these companies but currently their “Common Core” editions are just their previous editions with a few more constructions and word problems and nice fancy new common core labels in them. I think they are all playing chicken with each other; seeing who is going to come out with the first truly Common Core text so the others can see what that would even look like. I hope they get all that figured out, but for now, there are only a few resources out there. If you have ever been on sites Engage New York or MARS, then you will know that reading through all of that stuff and then teaching it seems, well, like trying to figure out how to drive a car by reading the manual.

That is why I have been working tirelessly to research and “unpack” the new content standards, and create worksheets with activities that not only address the new Content Standards in a way teachers and students can understand, but also the Mathematical Practices as well. I hope that you enjoy these new Free worksheets as much as my students and I have been. Please feel free to write me with any questions and/or feedback you may have.

I will be working to add new worksheets periodically throughout the year. I hope to get at least the critical practice for each standard posted by the end of the year and then make additional practice and possible assessments from there. So keep checking back from time to time.

As these take a lot of time and effort to research and make I thank you for supporting us by purchasing some of our full versions.

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